Mission & Values

Our mission is To celebrate the unique history of St. Michaels and the surrounding area through preservation and education.

The St. Michaels Museum is an integral part of the community of St. Michaels, a delightful walking village that is a fun place to live and visit.

Tourists and residents alike enjoy the Museum for its vivid interpretation of St. Michaels’ history and culture, represented by historic artifacts and oral histories of the people. There is a continuing calendar of dynamic programs and activities for adults as well as for children so that they also may learn to value and appreciate St. Michaels’ history.

The community supports its Museum, an all-volunteer organization, through contributions of time, talent, family artifacts, and financial support. The Board of Directors and its volunteers are committed and active, and reflect  the diversity of the community. The Board provides vibrant leadership and ensures the strength of programming and funding of the Museum.

The St. Michaels Museum reaches out and helps to nurture the social ties of St. Michaels’ diverse community by creating a welcoming, inclusive, and hospitable place to celebrate, preserve, and educate regarding the unique heritage of the area.

The Museum makes all this possible through strong ties and effective partnerships and collaborations with multiple community groups and organizations.