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St. Michaels: The Town That Fooled the British

$ 14 

A Complete Account of the British Attacks on St. Michaels During the War of 1812

By Gilbert Bryon, Illustrations by John Moll

Twice the British attacked St. Michaels during the War of 1812, and twice they were repulsed. While other towns around the Chesapeake Bay suffered severe damage, St. Michaels successfully protected its shipbuilding from the would-be marauders.

This book is the most detailed publication available on the Battle of St. Michaels, including detailed accounts of the St. Michaels militia and the text of the reports of the British officers leading their troops attempting to paper over their reasons for their retreats. A must-have book for every St. Michaels resident and visitors.

Paperback—1985. 48 pages.